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This is a 1:1 arcade port of the game King&Balloon by namco from 1980 for the Amiga 500. The game is written in 68k assembler, based on the original Z80 code.

How to play

  • The player battles with attacking colored balloons, protecting his king wile destroying as many balloons as he can.
  • The player can move the kings guard left and right with 2 way layer.
  • The palyer ca fire on missle at a time. He cannot fire again while his last missle ist still on the screen
  • The player missle stays visible on the screen unti
  1. It hits a balloon
  2. It disappears off the top of the screen
  • The attacking ballons descend in an irregular pattern whils dropping bombs. The mission of the balloons is to drop the defender and pck-up the king and carry the king off.
  • Each round is complett when all 42 balloons have been destroyed.
  • The number of remaining kings is displayed in the lower left hand on the screen.
  • The score for destroying an attacking balloon invreases as the balloon, gets closer to the defender-and higher yet, if the balloon is carrying off the king.


  • min. A500 (512Kb ram only)


  • Original artwork and SFX
  • Original gameplay including bugs
  • Trainer included (Highscore is disabled when in use)
  • Player controls crossbowman who can be moved from left to right to attack balloons.
  • Balloons attack in squadrons of 42 balloons.
  • Knock out the squadron and a faster moving one appears.
  • Audio and video coincide when king yells "help". it appears on the monitor.


  • Key: 5/Space to add one credit
  • Key: 1/2 for one or two player
  • Key: Cursor to control the guards
  • Key: Space fire
  • Joystick on port 2

Cheat menu

To activate the cheat menu you simply have to hold down the keys "RMJ"  in the info screen, nothing more.


  • Transcoding:  JoeJoe
  • GFX/SFX:  JoeJoe
  • Music:  JoeJoe
  • Pretranslation: z80268k.py by jotd (Thx)
  • Original:  namco


  • Title music
  • Joystick support
AuthorRMJ & JoeJoe
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

KingAndBalloon.v0.92_ADF.zip 75 kB
KingAndBalloon.v0.92_HD.zip 78 kB

Development log


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Version 0.92 already feels very good, hope you finish it. I also included it in my new "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from May 2024" video.

Hi ! Thanks so much for your efforts :) Didn't know this game, quite fun :)

v0.92 plays so much better now! :D

Very good - v.092

Unfortunately, there is currently a bug that completely destroys the enjoyment of the game. I don't want to do this to you and I'm working on the bug fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fixed in v0.92 :)

This game looks super fun. Thanks for all these great ports. For some reason I don't see a download link on this page (May 12, 2024). Am I doing something wrong?

Same here, maybe download was removed due to planned bugfix?

Possibly. It looks like it is back now! (May 24th, 2024)

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Very nice arcade conversion! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:19:09. English subtitles are also available. Subscription to our YouTube and Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Impressive port. Made you some box art :) 

very good

Looking forward to this being finished. A few bugs: Large balloon appears too often, King always resets to the right when dropped and occasional Guru crashes. Sounds of swooping balloons also needs work. Not criticisms but just bug reports from a 100k+ player.

First of all, rhx for reporting. But the respawn rate of the large balloon corresponds to the original, namely after every 9 small ones. Putting the king back on the right side is also intentional.

The game is based on the American version of the game. Maybe this version is different from the Japanese one.

It might have just been luck with the 15k first round first play so I'll give you the big balloon frequency but on every version I've played the king keeps position on drop. Here's me on the US rom (kingball.zip) with a score of 110,970 as an example:

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It's a shame I didn't notice it, but I'll fix it. Thanks again for reporting.

The bug fix will be included in the next release :)

Unfortunately, a line of code was inserted in the wrong position. This caused the king to always respawn in the same (wrong) position.

Thank you :D

Nice game!